Faster DTG systems that don’t break the bank or your brain

The Ricoh Ri 100, Ri 1000 and Ri 6000

During 2018 Resolute was working hard in the background revamping its range of DTG products.

The aptly named Green Button DTG systems Resolute has put together, launched at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2019, are a remarkable combination of the very latest technology with intuitive touch screen user interfaces. The new systems start with low volume for new business’s with a total of five different production levels through to hundreds of dark shirts a day. How do we do this?

Resolute DTG has taken the smoke and mirrors away from the pre-treatment process by introducing the only pre-treatment machine capable of spraying a user defined area. This system works like a three-axis printer, using a spray nozzle instead of a print head it can place the solution in a very accurate area with no waste or overspray. As it works like a printer, it can of course perform automatic maintenance reducing operator time required with other systems. The quality of pre-treatment on garments like hoodies is the best Resolute DTG has seen to date.

The DTG printers Resolute DTG uses are the very latest from Ricoh, starting with a simple CMYK printer for shops, retail environments and education. Next is the range is the new Ri 1000, a DTG printer that outperforms most of its rivals with a much lower price point. Then there is the blisteringly fast Ri 6000, using stainless steel print heads and capable of producing hundreds of dark prints per day. All the Ricoh DTG products have a full warranty which includes the printheads.

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