Fashionable chefswear

PR660 Denim Chef’s Jacket

An estimated 3.2 million people are employed in the UK’s hospitality sector, which makes it a big market to target. Think hotels and accommodation, pubs and bars, attractions and leisure. Here, we take a look at chefswear.

Traditionally a chef’s uniform (or chef’s whites) consists of a toque blanche otherwise known as a white hat, a white double-breasted jacket, trousers in a black and white houndstooth pattern and an apron.

In this day and age, tradition has fallen by the wayside as chefs seek to inject their own style into their uniform.

“The endless number of celebrity chefs and amateur cooking shows has given rise to the popularity of the culinary professions in recent years,” says Laura Dutton, marketing executive at Premier Workwear. “Big characters with even bigger attitudes are opening their kitchens on prime time television and giving us a glimpse into the frantic world of service and these guys make it look cool.”

This prevalence on prime time television could explain this gear change in uniform selection. For chefs wanting to try a different look, Laura suggests trying a denim jacket in a classic shade paired with an apron in a vibrant tone.

She adds: “Chef’s need to stay cool in the kitchen – practicality and aesthetically, so fabric composition is key. As a brand we are introducing more cotton-rich styles in the favoured denim colourways.”

The options are there to step away from the traditional and offer the hospitality sector something new and refreshing. Why not suggest a few next time your local restaurant comes to you for a uniform refresh?

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