Famona Ltd – the T shirt, hoods and sweatshirt brand on everybody’s lips!

Famona Ltd is known as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of plain T-shirts, pull over hoods, zipper hoods and round neck sweatshirts – all over UK and Europe.

We supply to printers, embroiderers and promotional companies who service the corporate, uniform, schoolwear, workwear and teamwear markets.

We keep a hugh stock of pull over hoods, zipper hoods and sweatshirts in our London warehouse. We are very competitive on price and pride ourselves on our personalised customer service.

Our pull over hood and zipper hood are 300gsm and the sweatshirt is 280gsm. All are 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

We offer our best competitive price which is lower than any peer groups in the market. For more information please visit our website www.famona.co.uk

Pull Over hood : £4.50 + VAT

Concealed Zipper Hood :  £5.80 + VAT

Sweatshirt :  £3.85 + VAT

Famona Ltd’s fast growth is no accident. We have undertaken extensive research of the garment market, enabling us to understand the needs of our buyers. It’s the high and consistent quality of the garment which matters the most.

But we have gone to great lengths to make the price of our products so competitive – it’s a win win situation for our customers.

We feel very proud to say that Famona Ltd has achieved that most desired benchmark where the brand name speaks volumes to customers. And we are continually motivated to add to our product line so that we can penetrate all segments of the market.

Bespoke orders

We provide a specialist bespoke garment service allowing us to create virtually any garment to our customers’ specifications ­– either from scratch, or from a sample that is provided to us.

We manufacture quality products that feel good next to the skin and that people are proud to wear.

Our 300gsm zipper and pull over hood which features 80% cotton has achieved huge success, which has been noticed by wholesale buyers.

To cope up with the ever-increasing demand we decided to offer sweatshirts in the same quality – 280gsm 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

We always strive to maintain our great service, ready stock, consistent quality ­and the the best business ethics, which results in a long lasting business relationship with our buyers.

We have also achieved our huge success through word of mouth recommendations.

On the one side it seems we have achieved our goal but on the other side it pushes us to set new goals every time we get a good response from our customers. For us every day is new journey – the joy of reaching destinations!

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