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The Country range has been designed with the modern agricultural wearer in mind

Country is the latest collection by Regatta Professional. Launched in the autumn last year, this range has been designed with the modern agricultural wearer in mind. P&P editor Melanie Attlesey speaks with Megan Pacey, marketing manager of Regatta Professional, to find out more.

Dressing with style when sitting on a tractor for hours on end or tending to a herd of cows as the sun rises might very well be the last thing on a farmer’s mind. All they want is clothing that is fit for purpose and reliable.

But why shouldn’t farmers and outdoor workers want to look good too, all while wearing practical and comfortable attire?

Enter Country by Regatta Professional. A collection created to offer a full work and lifestyle range of clothing for the modern agricultural wearer. From hardwearing overalls and waterproofs, to stylish wax jackets, the collection provides everything needed for the wearer to be weather ready.

For those in the farming and workwear market, the news of Dickies winding up its UK business last year would not have passed you by. It’s off the back of this hole in the market, that brands such as Regatta Professional have decided to plug the gap.

“Dickies leaving the UK market has made a difference to our customer base as people are looking for new, affordable and reliable products for their customers,” explains Megan. “As a trusted name in the industry with genuine credentials, we are in a unique position to be able to provide this product and have so far had great feedback on what we have on offer. We thought there was a gap in the market we could confidently fill.”

Megan continues to explain that with Regatta’s extensive knowledge of waterproof and hardwearing clothing protection spanning decades in the outdoor market, the team knows what it takes to produce clothing that can withstand the elements and hard graft that wearers need.

The product range

So, what products can you find in the collection?

The Country collection is a mixture of new products and old favourites.

Some of the Country specific lines that have been created and designed especially for the collection, include the Tattersall brushed cotton check shirt, the Faversham fleece with warm backed insulation and corduroy detailing and the wax jacket offering, all of which are made in England using traditional methods. “We have introduced a range of classic designs in dependable fabrics, providing both style and comfort,” says Megan.

Pro Waterproof Insulated Coverall

It was felt by the design team that some of Regatta’s current best-selling lines would work perfectly well in the farming wardrobe. These include the waterproof and breathable Dover jacket, the hardwearing Pro Action trousers, and the stylish Tyler and Tarah diamond quilted jackets.

As well as jackets and trousers, the collection also includes an offering of coveralls, which Megan points out as a highlight of the Country range. “These have been incredibly well received,” she adds. “All our coveralls are hardwearing and durable and come with a range of fastenings and pockets to suit the wearer. We have waterproof and insulated coveralls as well, so there really is something for year-round use.”

A new field

The introduction of the Country collection in the autumn of 2021 takes Regatta Professional into a field not previously explored. “This range is targeted at a difference audience – outdoor wearers who are looking for hardwearing tough clothing that can withstand everything that working on a farm throws at them,” says Megan.

Every last detail of each product has been carefully thought out, from the fabrics used to the way the garments have been constructed to ensure they meet the rigours of working outside, from the 4am starts for farm hands, horse riders and outdoor lovers alike.

Even the plentiful decoration and rebranding opportunities have been given careful consideration. From fleece which is perfect for embroidery to printable softshell jackets and even accessories which can be rebranded.

Well received

Megan says that so far the range has been very well received among Regatta Professional’s customer base. “Before we even took the collection out to our customers, we had people in the office with their eye on samples to borrow!” laughs Megan. “The feedback we have had has been especially strong on the coveralls and the variety we have on offer, as well as the breadth of the colour range we have introduced. We are well known for our waterproof and breathable technologies, as well as our versatile layering pieces, so we were very confident in our range before it even launched.”

Ablaze Softshell Jacket

A total of 80 different products make up the collection, but in true Regatta style, the team have no plans to stop there. “We see the range growing and developing as we become more experienced in this field. We really value the feedback on our products to ensure we continue to be market leaders when it comes to innovation and product development,” concludes Megan.

So, if you know any farmers desperate for an injection of style, why not point them in the direction of the Country by Regatta Professional collection.

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