Experience DTG like never before

DTG has never been better, brighter, faster, bolder and when paired with the talented print team at Snuggle what more could you possibly want?

Printing with the incredible combination of Kornit Avalanche HD6 and Atlas printers this enables Snuggle to print in RGB; how does that affect you?

It means that your prints are more colourful, more vibrant than ever before and you can be confident knowing your customers are going to be happy.

Snuggle has grown a bit and then grown a bit more and continues to grow; now spread over three units in the merry old city of Peterborough, with a daily capacity of around 4,500 garments a day, and with more printers on the way you can have confidence in the fact that the team can meet your capacity needs.

Customer service is something that is paramount to Snuggle’s values and the team tries to treat everyone in the same way they would like to be treated. Snuggle effectively becomes an extension of your company; with you having access to a full DTG printing facility without all the cost, hassle and maintenance and overheads of doing it yourself.

The place to go

Orders big or small Snuggle is the place to go. The team can handle your large volume or bulk orders but also have a superb print on demand platform. Using this platform you can submit small individual orders or sample orders, choose your garment, upload your artwork and you’re done! Snuggle will then pick, print, fold, pack and ship your order to an address of your choice. Things have never been easier.

Let Snuggle take care of the printing and shipping for you. The best part is your customers won’t even know that Snuggle was involved; they’ll think you have done all the work! A great part of Snuggle Printing’s drop shipping service is that there are no minimum orders. So, even if your orders are very small, Snuggle can still accommodate them! With new API integrations about to launch Snuggle is making things even easier, soon you won’t even need to move your mouse or lift a finger.

Snuggle has the equipment, knowledge and dedicated passionate teams to ensure your orders go out as best they can. The team is not happy if you’re not happy! These principles have ensured the continued growth of the company, with additional printers planned later in the year.

Why miss out on those multi colour, difficult print jobs? DTG has never been made as simple, quick, efficient as this so if you’ve still not tried DTG give the team a call, what are you waiting for?


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