EXILE Technologies and MHM Direct GB agree exclusive UK distribution arrangement

SPYDER II-MHM computer to screen system
SPYDER II-MHM computer to screen system

MHM Direct GB has been appointed an official and exclusive agent by EXILE Technologies for the SPYDER II-MHM computer to screen system in the UK market.

The SPYDER II DTS has made a big impact in the UK textile screen print market in the last 12 months with many of the industry’s major players already choosing the SPYDER II system as their preferred solution for Digital Screen Stencil Imaging.

MHM T shirt screen printers Fashion UK, Fanela, RunSmart, Razamataz, Meesha Graphics and Countryside Art have all opted for the SPYDER II direct to screen solution in the last 12 months to replace film positives.

The SPYDER II DTS marked its first anniversary in February with the first UK install having been installed in February 2015. The SPYDER II has a redesigned print head control system and a new touch screen software interface. As a result of these changes the SPYDER II now prints at least twice as fast as its predecessor, with no loss of image quality. So a typical T-Shirt Screen Image can be imaged in under a minute.

Several SPYDER UK customers routinely print 100+ screens per day at screen resolutions of up to 110lpi.

Unlike competitors water-based ink jet systems, the SPYDER II uses a high-density solid thermal wax resin ink to apply artwork directly to a coated screen. The ink returns to its solid state immediately after printing, resulting in a much cleaner half tone dot that retains its shape, even in highlight areas, with minimal dot gain and no overspray or satellite dots which is a characteristic of water-based ink jet DTS systems.

The SPYDER II computer to screen process eliminates the film mask normally used in screen making, streamlining the entire screen preparation process. The Spyder II-MHM digitally places the image with absolute accuracy using the unique MHM pin registration system. This provides precision registration from screen to screen and from the SPYDER II to an MHM Printing Press. The digital imaging process combined with MHM’s pin registration system eliminates human error and translates into significant labour savings with almost zero press setup up time, and higher productivity.

The image is printed directly on the coated screen and no vacuum is then required for UV exposure. The resulting exposed image is sharper and less susceptible to exposure timing issues. The wax ink is water soluble and non-hazardous, allowing for very fast and easy wash-out.

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