EXILE adds in-line configuration to SPYDER CtS systems

The V-LUX UV Exposure System with INPRO’s Tigerclean Combi-Eco Developer and Hi Pressure Washout system

EXILE’s SPYDER computer to screen systems are now complemented by the V-LUX UV Exposure System in a new in-line configuration with INPRO’s Tigerclean Combi-Eco Developer and Hi Pressure Washout system.

This in-line system comprises a docking unit that converts EXILE’s stand-alone V-LUX into an integrated in-line system combining both screen exposure and developing.

The process works as follows:

  • The operator images a Screen stencil on the SPYDER CtS with typical Imaging times of 60 seconds or less.
  • The imaged Screen is inserted into the V-LUX with 15 memory pre-sets allowing exposure times to be quickly selected via a touchscreen LCD control panel.
  • Exposure times will be 10-60 secs depending on emulsion and mesh count.
  • While the first screen is exposing the operator can image another screen on the SPYDER CtS
  • The second imaged screen is inserted in the V-LUX – automatically pushing the first screen onto the moving belt that transports it into the Combi-Eco Developer.

INPRO’s Combi-Eco is a fully automatic screen washout (developing) solution that doubles as a high-pressure washout system for screen reclaim. Developing times will be approximately 70-80 secs.

50+ screens per hour can be produced by a single operator controlling the fully automated setup.


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