Exclusive anti-microbial scrub technology launched by Grahame Gardner and Micro-Fresh

Micro-Fresh is exclusive to Grahame Gardner

Grahame Gardner has unveiled a brand new Micro-Fresh scrub top and trouser range which uses leading antimicrobial technology to stay fresher longer.

The range, exclusive to Grahame Gardner, incorporates cutting-edge technology Micro-Fresh to help keep healthcare workers safe whilst maintaining unrivalled comfort

The garment fabric, which is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, is incorporated with innovative Micro-Fresh technology at point of manufacture. The anti-microbial technology not only kills 99.9% of bacteria beyond 50 washes but is also proven to reduce the spread of human coronavirus by 99.2%.

With wash resistant antibacterial protection, Micro-Fresh also boasts odour prevention, providing longer lasting freshness for the wearer. The scrubs are hypoallergenic, gentle on skin and vegan friendly.

The exclusive scrubs will be available in two fits – unisex and female – and the scrub top will be available in six colourways: oasis, navy, eau de nil, bottle, smoke grey and blue 18 each with a classic contrasting white trim The trousers will be available in navy, bottle and black.

Grahame Gardner will also offer all six scrub colours in its Made to Order range with a bespoke choice of trim colour.

The scrub top design features multiple pockets, including two waterproof chest pockets and a wearers right hand hip pocket, which also has a pen divide and an elastic loop for a clip-on hand sanitiser. The trousers have a drawstring waist, and also side and a back pockets.

A range of Micro-Fresh tie back scrub caps will also be available in the same six colours to complement the scrubs, plus two additional colours – black and royal blue.

Sarah Lowe, from Grahame Gardner, said: “We’re so pleased to reveal our exclusive Micro-Fresh workwear range.

“These innovative garments harness leading technology to create scrubs that combine comfort with unique antimicrobial technology that’s proven to kill 99.9% bacteria – even after washing! We know there is the market for them and are confident our customers will appreciate the benefits this garment development bring. It’s been great to build a really positive working relationship with Micro-Fresh and look forward to that continuing in the future.”

Chris Mellor-Dolman, head of marketing and business development at Micro-Fresh, added: “The move to working with a brand such as Grahame Gardner, who uphold the highest standards of protection and hygiene with products for use in controlled environments, dovetails wholly with our ideology here at Micro-Fresh.

“It’s reassuring to know that Micro-Fresh and Grahame Gardner scrubs are making a significant difference, protecting the health and wellbeing of much-valued medical professionals.”

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