Even more new embroidery backings

Not content on being one of the market leaders in the supply of embroidery backings, ETC Supplies has developed three new products. Already stocking 75 different types of embroidery backings. The new innovative embroidery backings have been developed due to customer feedback and changes in garment fabrics.

Jas Purba, managing director, says: “No embroidery company should suffer or find it difficult to get excellent results embroidering garments, as we have a job specific product for every type of fabric and application.”

The new products are as follows:

Easy Perf Embroidery Backing

This range has been developed for the Brother PR or other small embroiderer in mind.

Often these people will have small workshops and they struggle storing and using the embroidery backing. The new Easy Perf backing is sold in small rolls of 50 metres length and widths of 14.25cm, 16.5cm and 20cm. These rolls are perforated (just like kitchen roll) at the same size as the width. This makes it easy for the customer to either hang up the roll or put it on a kitchen roll holder. You simply tear away the pieces as you require them. If you are using two pieces, then just tear every second piece and fold along the perforation. This makes your life so easy and lets you get on with embroidery, rather than moving large rolls around on your kitchen table and trying to cut correct size squares with a scissor.

Ultra Soft Backing

This is the world’s softest embroidery backing. Developed by ETC Supplies and not available anywhere else.  Ideal for schoolwear and any other garments that come into direct contact with the skin. You only ever need to use one piece of this backing as it is 100g in weight. This backing is supplied in skin tone colour which blends in nicely to avoid any show through. This backing even replaces the jobs that you would use Cut Away for. The backing remaining in the design helps to fill the gaps and stop the thread rubbing on the skin. Available on the roll or pre cut pieces. You will find that this backing works on all fabrics.

Stronghold Backing

This is very similar to the Poly Pro backing sold in USA, but ETC’s version is softer. This backing is extremely light weight, soft and flat. It does not stretch and even the lighter 40g weight will hold heavy satin stitch border designs. This product is aimed for use on microfibre performance shirts and moisture wicking materials with excessive stretch in the fabric and other non iron sportswear. This backing will reduce puckering and holes in special performance fabrics. Stronghold backing is a heat-sensitive product. It is recommended that garments hang to dry. If placed in a clothes dryer, use a short time on a cool setting. Ironing is not recommended. If ironing is required, iron on low setting from right side of fabric only. Available on the roll or pre-cut pieces.


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