ETC Supplies introduces new film and backing dispenser

The film dispenser
The film dispenser

ETC Supplies claims its new film and backing dispenser is a must-have item for all embroidery companies and indeed anyone using any type of films or embroidery backing.

As everyone will know, using these films is very difficult, because they roll around your worktop and fall down, they are difficult to store and attract dirt, they are very difficult and time wasting to cut and they are difficult to handle.

The new ETC Supplies film dispenser does away with all these problems. The easy to use dispenser will take any roll up to 30cm wide and easily cut this with the attached cutting blade. No more wastage and no more rough cutting.

The dispenser is made from stainless steel with a two rollers that will accommodate all types of fabrics. Just simply feed the material through the cutting strip and when ready slide the cutter across to cut the material.

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