ETC Supplies has the largest range of embroidery frames from one accredited supplier

EMS Hooptech – USA
EMS Hooptech – USA

ETC Supplies has the largest range of embroidery frames available from a single supplier. The company has huge stock holdings of all the frames to fit any machine type. The staff have all undergone extensive product training with a full hands on technical support facility available from each brand manufacturer.

ETC Supplies has extremely good relations with all the brands that it represents in the UK and Europe, say Jas S. Purba, managing director. The brands are pleased to work with ETC Supplies as the company supplies all machine types and carries good stock levels in the UK. Many of these brands will pass on enquiries to ETC Supplies from customers in the UK and Europe.

Embroidery frames are a crucial part of your kit. Many companies spend a lot of time and effort looking at the various machine types and brands that are on the market, but they fail to see the limitations of these machines due to the frames that are supplied with the machine.

ETC Supplies works with the customer to fine the right solution to any problem job.

Ever wondered what extra frames you need? Well here is some product information for you.

EMS Hooptech – USA

EMS manufactures metal clamping systems of all types and a range of square plastic hoops.

The range includes:

  • Clamping systems 1, 2 and 3.
  • Pocket clamps.
  • Quick change frames.
  • Plastic frames.
  • Cap frames.
  • Shoe clamp.
  • 8in strap clamp.
  • Koozie clamp.
  • Air actuated clamps.

Mighty Hoops – USA

Mighty Hoops manufactures magnetic frames that clamp together like a sandwich. These are available in all sizes and shapes. The frames have very strong magnets in them that hold the ring and frame together securely.

The main uses for these frames are:

  • Padded jackets.
  • Horse blankets.
  • Bags.
  • Any thick or bulk items.
  • Any easily marked or damaged fabrics.
  • Car mats.

Durkee Hoops – USA

Durkee Hoops manufactures unbreakable plastic embroidery frames and metal cap frames that fit direct onto the arms of the machine. The Durkee frames are of a far superior quality material than the frames that come with the machine. The frames are available in many different shapes and sizes.

The main uses for these frames are:

  • Everyday general embroidery.
  • Square frames that allow lettering below the design.
  • Jacket back frames that are double in height and easy to insert.
  • Frames for trousers and sleeves.
  • Cap frames that fit onto the arms of your machine.

Compatible Hoops

This is a range of embroidery frames that are made to replicate the original frames that come with your machine. The frames are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Also available in this range is the Brother domestic frames. In this range ETC Supplies individual replacement rings and screws should yours be broken.

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