ETC Supplies develops a new range of embroidery backings

The back of embroidery on the new Stronghold Cut Away

Over the past 28 years, ETC Supplies has been at the forefront of new and innovative embroidery backings. The same principle applies today.

ETC has many highly satisfied customers with its original embroidery backings range, but times change with new fabrics coming on the market that require new type of embroidery backing. ETC Supplies is an innovator that uses only SAFE products in its embroidery backings. The company’s competitors try and copy, but often these copies contain unlawful amounts of Formaldehyde, heavy metals and AZO dyes, all of which will affect the health and wellbeing of you and your staff. These unlawful products are strictly controlled by HSE and you as the employer must control the levels permitted in the work place. You may see the Oeko-Tex symbol being used on product advertising. But check out the registration number and you will see it does not belong to all the products being offered to you.

Products certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 and 2 have shown that the goods meet the human-ecological requirements established in appendix 4 for products with direct contact to the skin. This certification also fulfills requirements of Annex XVII of REACH. Non-wovens that are generally sold as embroidery backings are made for commercial filtration and do not meet these requirements.

During the winter months ETC Supplies sits down with its accredited manufacturers to look at all the new fabrics that have come on the market. The team discuss the problems and issues facing embroidery companies when working with these new fabrics. Together they look at the new fibres that have been developed and new ways of constructing embroidery backings that are able to work with the new fabrics and keep costs down. ETC Supplies invests a great deal of time and money in the Research and Development programme to make sure its customers are always ahead of the game.

Ultra Soft is a new type of tear away backing, with nothing else like it in the world. This product is extremely soft yet very stable. It is 100g in weight which means you only need to use one piece, even on the most difficult embroidery. The backing does not perforate and fall off during embroidery and even on satin stitch edge designs it holds perfectly. When finished the backing comes away 100% clean with a very soft feel and drape. Excellent for schoolwear. This product is manufactured in a neutral skin tone colour, so you do not need to stock black and white. The backing does not show through even on fine shirts and stops puckering. This product has no harmful chemicals and is the safest backing available.

The front embroidery on the new Stronghold Cut Away

Stronghold is an extremely soft cut away backing made of a new breed of fibres and construction methods. This product is available in 40g and 60g weight in white and black. You only need to use one piece of your preferred weight backing per design. As the name suggests, the product is extremely strong and does not perforate and distort during embroidery. It is very easy to cut without snagging in your scissors so you can get close to the embroidery. This product is developed to be used with modern sportswear fabrics that are heat sensitive and do not like being ironed at high temperatures.

Both of these products are available at very competitive prices and because you only need to use one piece you will half your purchasing costs.

So next time someone offers you a special deal on so called embroidery backing, beware!

Ask yourself how much damage is this product doing to your health and how good is it likely to perform against the competitively priced embroidery backings from ETC Supplies?

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