Entry-level personalisation

Ricoh Ri 100 Roxy

TheMagicTouch offers the ultimate entry-level direct to textile printer for anyone, anytime, anywhere. The demand for instant personalisation continues to grow within many markets including that of the retail sector and plays an increasing part in our daily lives.

The Ricoh Ri 100 Roxy A4 printer offers full colour garment and textile decoration. The all-in-one compact printer with its space-saving design creates the perfect personalisation opportunity. The printer is quick, clean and easy to use with its unique garment tray loading system and enclosed curing/heat press system removing any potential retail health and safety issues. The small footprint of (400x520mm) and weight (less than 25kgs) makes the product easy to be moved and re-positioned for external events and promotions.

Incorporating the latest Ricoh textile ink technology the printer delivers full colour designs and photographic quality images directly onto garments and textiles. These include cotton and poly/cotton blends for T shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, eco bags, cushions, aprons and even jute sacks. Full colour designs take less than 90 seconds to print with no pre-treatment required and an average cost of less than 50p per print.

Customers can experience their personalised product being produced within minutes and ready for immediate use.


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