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Dual dryer

The team at Adelco know that you want the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective textile printing and curing machinery that will take your business to the next level. Coupled with great after service to support you.

Who is Adelco

Adelco is a UK family-run company that has been an industry leader in manufacturing digital textile, screen printing and drying equipment for over 40years, with a hard-earned reputation for reliability and longevity.

This is because Adelco’s products are built to last. To support customers, Adelco offers superb technical support from its team of dedicated UK based engineers, both remotely and on site.

What Adelco does

Adelco listens to its customers. Every one of Adelco’s machines have been produced with the print shop at the core of each phase of the manufacturing process. Adelco has been improving its machines year on year to enable you to be the best at what you do.

All Adelco’s solutions are packed full of features that will give the best finish as well as saving time and money.

Let’s talk about Adelco’s range, and how its products can help achieve your dream…

  • Drying solutions: Adelco is renowned the world over for their innovative, economical, energy efficient and highly practical textile curing systems. Suitable for all sizes of print shops, and cures both digital and screen printed inks.

The flagship Adelco Pro-cure dryer range can be tailored to suit your needs. They come in a wide range of belt widths and oven lengths. Modular in design, enabling the dryer to grow with your business.

The Adelco Dual dryer has independent belts that can cure digital and screen prints being two dryers in one footprint. Perfect for industrial mass production.

Thermotron STP1000 automatic folding machine

Mark Smith of Adelco said: “Adelco has proven high airflow and efficient exhaust systems as the best medium for curing digital and screen inks with minimum effect to fabrics. The popularity of our dryers for Kornit printing systems and conventional water-based inks is a direct result of our reputation for supplying the most efficient dryers in both curing ability and low running costs.”

  • Screen printing: Adelco’s Cyclone automatic carousel, high speed automatic printing presses are based upon robust, heavy duty foundations to which bespoke lightweight aluminium extrusions and precision CNC parts are fitted with meticulous attention to detail. Adding to this the advanced control system enables the Cyclone carousel to run pinpoint accuracy at extreme speeds whilst still offering incredible value for money.
  • Folding and bagging machines: Adelco is proud to be a UK Thermotron distributor and provide a range of folding and bagging machines that complement and streamline any print shop.

The Adelco team are the people to talk to about expanding your business. To see the latest advances in textile printing and curing technology get in touch.

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