Embroidery framing made easy

Melco Fast Clamp Pro

Amaya Sales UK’s managing director, Peter Wright, outlines how you can make easy work of embroidery framing, even in those difficult places.

Framing up garments to be embroidered is a technique that must be mastered when being trained to operate an industrial embroidery machine.

Good, accurate framing will give you the best chance of a perfect embroidery finish. Poor framing up can give you poor quality finished piece of embroidery.

Fortunately, you can now purchase a wide variety of products that will make your life easier and allow you to produce excellent quality and accurate embroidery.

Conventional positioning

For framing of normal garments in conventional positioning there is a product called Hoopmaster.

It allows for framing of all conventional frames from most popular embroidery machine suppliers. They can be positioned for any part of the garment and also provide the correct tension of the garment for good quality embroidery. There is also a holder for the backing to be positioned.

The big advantage is that all of a production run will be in the same position. The system comes with a standard framing station which allows you to fit different sized fixtures that your machine frames fit into. The fixture is the part that makes your frames compatible.

Difficult to frame items

The same company that produces the Hoopmaster also manufactures a product called Mighty Hoop.

The Mighty Hoop is a strong magnetic hoop, which can be used on almost any embroidery machine. There is no need to adjust the outer ring of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnetic force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses.

Mighty Hoops reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists. These are ideal for large difficult to frame heavy jackets and workwear. They come in all different sizes including sleeve fitments and can also be used in conjunction with the Hoopmaster framing system.

Difficult places

Another framing system that allows for embroidery in difficult places is the Melco Fast Clamp Pro. This comes with many sized arms and is very useful for embroidering shirt collars, pockets, back of caps, bags, boots, belts and dog leads or anywhere you can get the arms in. This system is easy to fit and can be quickly adjusted to various sizes.

Another manufacturer of clamping systems is a company called the Hooptech. It produces a wide range of different sized clamps for different applications.

To sum up, you should look for a system that will help you improve your production by speeding up the framing process, items being lined up correctly and with the correct tension on the garment.

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