Eliminating printing barriers with Print Wizard

Far from the days when you needed a large amount of money in the bank to get started, the garment decoration industry of today has very little barrier entry. In fact, almost anyone is able to start up their own T shirt printing business if they want to.

With affordable start-up costs, heat transfer systems like Print Wizard have made it possible to start up a profitable business from home. Thanks to an increase in online retail over the last few decades, even small start-up businesses have access to a potentially huge market of consumers. You’d be surprised how far a few essential digital literacy skills and a knowledge of your customer-base can take you. The market and all the tools that you need are already out there. Now it’s down to you.

But can you really create high-quality products with heat transfer?

Heat transfer. People hear those two words and the first thing that most people think is low quality. Hazy memories of using the iron to create silly designs on a school leavers shirt spring to mind. Fortunately, the industry has progressed a lot since then.

With full-colour production on both dark and light textiles, there’s no reason that you can’t create crystal clear, high street quality products with heat transfer.

Print Wizard even comes with colour matching and colour correcting utilities, enabling you to create better, more vibrant designs. If there’s something that never goes out of fashion, it’s the simple printed T shirt.

So, what do you need to know to get started?

To find out, read the full article on Your Embroidery Services’ blog HERE.


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