Effortless embroidery production floor management with Pulse

PulseID Enterprise Networking

Effortless Embroidery Production Floor Management with PulseID Enterprise Networking provides the essential business intelligence and connectivity you need to boost productivity and manage your production floor.

PulseID’s robust design downloading solution lets operators pull designs directly from your centralised database using a barcode scanner, while detailed dashboards and reporting systems are available to track the efficiency of individual machines, designs, and operators.


Networking technology developed by Pulse is installed in thousands of businesses worldwide, enabling companies of any size to take full control of their production floor and optimise day to day operations.

Operator efficiency

Give machine operators the ability to pull designs from your centralised database directly to their machines using a barcode scanner. Networking also provides invaluable reporting on the efficiency of your machine operators.

Machine statistics

Enables you to monitor each and every detail of your machines, from the current operational status, to a history of designs the machine has sewn out. Produce comprehensive productivity reports through the administration website, and view the current design the machine is working on from anywhere in the world.

New colourising app

The new colourising app manages colours in designs in a way that it is impossible to sew a design in the wrong colour. Simply scan a design to the machine, the machine will indicate if it needs a colour for the relevant job. Simply put this colour on, update and the job is ready to. The system knows all the time which colours are available on your machine for that job and even allocates the right needles to run with no mistakes.


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