DyeSubMagic is revealed as the UK distributor of the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System

Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System
Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System

Sawgrass Technologies has announced that is bringing the first fully integrated high-definition product decorating system to markets around the world.

This move comes as a result of a long-term, private-label OEM purchase agreement with Ricoh Company. This unique partnership marks the first time an ink and printer manufacturer have worked together to create a sublimation system that ensures the highest quality result, while delivering consistency and affordability as never seen before.

Bringing the product to the UK is DyeSubMagic, the sublimation division of TheMagicTouch. The company has partnered with Sawgrass to offer the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System.

Sawgrass’ new Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System is designed specifically for the digital decorator looking for a smaller footprint without sacrificing productivity, efficiency or quality. This complete system delivers improved yield performance, faster speeds, higher print resolution and increased gamut that makes it easier to hit those tricky reds and blues.

Darcy Mauro, Sawgrass’ consumer division president, said: “Our collaboration with Ricoh has launched Sawgrass into a new era.

“For more than 20 years, Sawgrass has sold after-market, patented digital sublimation ink for use in desktop printers. Now, we will deliver purpose-built printers under the Sawgrass label that will produce even better finished products. Our new private-label solution offers our customers a stable and predictable road map of future product development, which we are proud to provide.”

The Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System includes a purpose-designed printer with innovative and environmentally friendly water-based inks. The newly formulated ink is now even brighter and works intimately with the printer using specially designed cartridges.

An enhanced PowerDriver colour management application and the new CreativeStudio online design solution will also be bundled with system at no additional cost. Together, these components will help decorators create and print beautiful designs quicker and more easily than ever before.

Ms Mauro added: “We are very excited to be working closely with Ricoh’s engineers to leverage their proprietary print head technology and bring a complete HD product decorating system to market.

“Virtuoso brings together Ricoh’s successful desktop line of GelJet printers, Sawgrass’ newly formulated SubliJet-HD ink, advanced colour management and online design/production solutions, and vast offering of sales, support and marketing resources. This collaboration, along with the support of our global network of distributors, will empower businesses to create and grow like never before.”

Though Sawgrass intends to grow its Virtuoso brand in the coming years, this first solution will focus on the sublimation market. The new Virtuoso SG 400 8.5x14in (A4) and SG 800 13x19in (A3+) printers will be sold through Sawgrass’ global distribution network.


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