DuPont Artistri DTG ink prices £116 per litre*

october e news picResolute’s October 2015 offer is just too good to miss: buy three get one free for the first 200 online orders during October 2015 on DuPont Artistri DTG ink.

Buy 3 x 1 litre of Camtex DuPont Artistri white ink and Resolute will throw in another litre completely free. That’s a massive saving of £155 on your pre-Christmas rush DTG ink order. This brings the cost for genuine DuPont Artistri down to £116 per litre. You still get the free pre-treatment with every litre of white ink purchased on this amazing offer.

But that’s not all, Resolute is giving away CMYK too. Buy three get one free, that’s right buy a 250ml bottle of cyan, 250ml of magenta, 250ml of yellow and the 250ml of black is free. Another massive saving of 25% for the first 200 online orders placed in October 2015.

You may well ask, how is this possible?? Well it’s simple, Resolute is the largest supplier in Europe of DuPont Artistri textile ink. The company earns discounts and special promotions based on this, which are then passed on to customers the minute they are passed on to Resolute. This is one of the many benefits to buying direct from one of the many companies within the Resolute Group. Who else offers such amazing discounts on a wide range of premium products.

How to order

Place 3 x 1 litre of Camtex DuPont Artistri white DTG ink into your basket, choose your free pre-treatment as usual. Then use the promo code buy3white at the checkout, don’t forget to press update. If your order matches the criteria and is one of the first 200 placed you will see a message on your order confirming the white ink offer has been activated. Resolute will simply slip your free white ink into the box at no extra charge. Orders are limited to one per day and are on a first come first served basis. The 250ml CMYK offer is the same principle except the promo code. You must order three individual 250ml bottles, 1 x 250ml cyan, 1 x 250ml magenta, 1 x 250ml yellow, the black 250ml will be free. The promo code for the CMYK offer is buy3colour

Don’t forget Resolute also stock a wide range of products including LED UV Printers, TastyJet food printers and the Tajima range of high quality embroidery machines, click the links below for more info.

Terms & Conditions of the buy 3 ink offer*

All orders must be placed online to qualify, you cannot order over the telephone or by email for this limited offer. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, free pre treatment is supplied with ink orders that qualify for this special promotion. You must order 3 x 1 litres of Camtex DuPont Artistri white ink to qualify for the extra free 1 litre. 250ml CMYK offer, you must order three individual 250ml bottles, 1 x 250ml cyan, 1 x 250ml magenta, 1 x 250ml yellow, the black 250ml will be free. This offer only applies to individually ordered bottles, no combination, bundles or packs are included in this offer.

You must use the correct promo code to qualify for the offer, any orders placed without the promo code cannot be changed once ordered. Resolute cannot change your order by telephone call, it is controlled by a secure system and counts down automatically as the orders are processed.

Once the first 200 orders are placed the offer closes automatically and the message will display so if you try to use the promo code.

Please note: any orders that do not qualify or are placed after the first 200 orders in October 2015 do not receive the free ink. This offer is exclusive to Resolute DTG.

For further information on garment, food and UV decoration please contact the sales team:-

Resolute DTG Ltd, Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA

Tel: 01246 202686

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