DTG Digital releases new Color IOS and M-Series technology

DTG Digital Europe’s new Color IOS is the cost-saving approach to printing on coloured garments.

By using the background colour of the textile as an ink colour, the cost of ink is reduced dramatically, by up to 30%, and the innovative Color IOS process results in better handling (hand/feel) of the fabric.

The heart of Color IOS is the specialised ‘top-secret’ colour process which uses the background colour of the garment as an ink, and is unique and exclusive to the latest DTG Digital M-Series IOS machines. The colour of the shirt interacting with the right levels of white being used as a base, gives you a vibrant, life-like representation of the original image.

As well as diminished inks costs, this process will increase the quality of the print on the garment – bearing in mind that certain brands of garment products print better digitally and some absorbency more inks than others – resulting in better handing of the fabric opposed to lesser quality.  Garment dependent, this technology can on average reduce the cost of print by in the region of 30%, so assuming you spend £20,000 a year on inks, you can save up to £6,000 year-on-year.

Running in parallel with Color IOS is DTG Digital’s new Workflow Automation System (WAS). With RIP being a focal point of technology evolution, WAS has been specially developed to complement automated colour handing with white ink and Color IOS. This process helps to simplify end-to-end workflows (order to shipment), reduce the skill level required to manage and operate production, resulting in improve efficiencies and increase productivity, and do more with less manpower, reducing operational costs considerably all by the simple use of a barcode.

WAS works for all type of users including large, medium, small and micro businesses, thereby offering scalability as the business grows. No special hardware is required, the traffic data on the networks connecting the shop floor is reduced and the only requirement is a good and reliable shop floor network together with an operator to scan the barcode and press print.

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