DTG – 10 years on!

M6 plus inkThis year marks the 10th anniversary of DTG Digital entering the direct to garment printing industry, which is just about the same length of time that the process has existed, making DTG Digital the most experienced supplier in this arena.

Back in 2003 the industry was in its infancy and by 2004 only two or three suppliers existed including DTG Digital. As with all new technology there were problems but DTG Digital simply saw these as opportunities to improve the technique and make it an even more viable business venture for the growing number of users. The company was soon producing a number of models such as The Kiosk, The Bullet and The Xpress offering a variety of production capacities and print areas from the standard t-shirt to table and bed linen. It was these machines that set DTG Digital apart from its competitors, standing out as the first company to offer such a wide range. This wasn’t the only first they achieved though. They were the first to successfully use white ink, the first to solve the problem of white ink settling by introducing WIMS and first to print white and CMYK on a single pass. One of the key developments however came within the last few years when they introduced a print engine made specifically for the purpose of direct to garment printing. This meant no compromises in the machine with the print engines now being 100% bespoke. This, in turn, allowed for the development and introduction of iQ Interweave – a system unique to DTG Digital which allows the user to print at low resolution without the usual banding problems.

This was, until recently, probably one of the most important developments in the history of this process but now that honour goes to the new M Series machines combined with the new ink from Pigment.inc. Which, when used together, allow for printing onto a wide variety of fabrics including cotton and polyester.

During the 10 year history Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been there every step of the way. Not just as a selling arm for the product but as a key player in the development of the machines and the processes allied to this industry. Together DTG Digital and YES Ltd are a powerful partnership with more experience in this industry than any other supplier or manufacturer bar none and, when you have a problem, that can make the difference between receiving an answer and getting a solution.

For more information contact YES Ltd on 01623 863343 or -mail them at sales@yesltd.co.uk

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