DST digital transfer system – The future of transfer printing

Examples of the outcome of using the DST digital transfer system
Examples of the outcome of using the DST digital transfer system

They said couldn’t be done, but PAUL BROOK, director of Yorkshire-based Global Print Solutions loves nothing more than a challenge and set out to prove the sceptics wrong.

Working alongside Brian Heegaard in Denmark using the innovative, inspirational and patented DST system we have developed the technique for applying photographic quality transfers to a range of substrates including non-woven bags, jute and laminates. So now, it can indeed be done and bag manufacturers and printers can join in this amazing transfer revolution and produce their own photographic transfers using the DST combination of digital and screen-printing.

This is a massive step forward allowing high quality transfer images to be applied to a range of many substrates including the previously difficult non-woven bags and jute. This development is causing great excitement in the print-manufacturing world.

I had been looking for some time to develop a transfer process that would work for small runs as well as large volume runs and be cost effective and easy to use. I realised I had struck gold when I met with Mr Heegaard and discovered the DST process. DST is versatile and adaptable enough to allow the user to produce one transfer or indeed tens of thousands to lithographic quality and the process is simple to use.

In a fast paced world where clients place smaller but more frequent orders and need to respond more often to changes in designs reflecting trends, local differences and seasons, the demand for high volume expensive runs is decreasing. The DST system opens new possibilities and improved competitiveness in a highly specialised field. Clients are already used to the benefits that digital printing offers through brochures and advertising material and DST allows that same technology to be used in a much greater range of applications.

DST offers a complete turn-key match component system to ensure a stable production delivering high quality transfers. The DST process can be used for producing textile transfers for all applications where screen-printed or offset printed transfers are used today. The flexibility that digital printing offers makes it possible to produce jobs that are currently too expensive or impossible to produce with traditional production methods. At the same time digital means that you no longer have to worry about separations for the screen-printing process, having to finish your offset transfers within a certain time period or the fact that certain minimum volumes are required to justify the cost of offset printing.

The DST system produces the quality, flexibility, productivity and detailing that digital can provide alongside traditional screen-printing technologies. Using specially developed water based and plastisol based inks; DST produces transfers that have all the characteristics of traditional transfers, such as stretch, soft feel and durability. The transfers are extremely durable and can be produced to withstand 90°C washing and dry cleaning and are suitable for work wear and leisurewear. The range of different adhesives makes it possible to decorate many types of textile or fabric that you can decorate with a traditional transfer. Print quality is outstanding and gives the printer the opportunity to win new business and grow existing opportunities.

GPS provides the full solution to producing DST transfers from output film through to printing and curing. GPS also supplies the entry level OKI C910 and the solution for producing high volumes of transfers on the Xerox 8080, Xeikon and HP Indigo digital printers. The new GPS registration system developed after extensive trials enables the accurate registration of screen print to the digital image.

I am confident that within the next five years most high quality transfers in the world market will be produced using the DST transfer system. There is an ongoing programme of research and development, which will bring new applications for the system online.

We are delighted to welcome visiting printers from across the UK and Ireland to our new showroom and training facility set in the stunning Yorkshire countryside near Sheffield.

For more information call 01143 216596 or visit www.globalprints.co.uk


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