Dress the whole family


One by Mantis Long Sleeve Breton Stripe T-Shirt (M136) is made from 100% OCS certified organic cotton.

The yarn died stripes and soft stretch fabric make this a super comfortable style as well as a fashionable classic. Ideal for matching across the family, the Breton Stripe T-Shirt is available for kids (MK84) and babies (BZ52) in the same 100% OCS certified organic cotton.

The Breton Stripe T-Shirt is functional and fashionable, and, while it fits into the mini me trend, it is also clothing made to be worn and loved for years to come.

Dress the whole family in Bella+Canvas with the Unisex ¾ Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt (CV3200), Youth ¾ Baseball T-Shirt (CV3200Y) and Toddler ¾ Baseball T-Shirt (CV3200T).

The garment has been designed to comfortably fit each age group ranging from a retail fashion fit for adults to a generous fit for children. Match in colour with the contrast raglan sleeves for fashionable family style.


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