Doro Tape Distribute Stahls’ Range of Heatpresses

16x16_Clam_rightclosedThis year Doro Tape became a national UK distributor of the acclaimed Stahls’ heat presses.

Stahls first introduced the award-winning Hotronix line of equipment in 1987, revolutionising the heat press industry by combining technological advancements with components that had never before been seen in a heat press. Since that time they have continued to advance their models so that even after 27 years they are still a leading force in the market.

Stahls’ Hotronix heat presses

The Hotronix automatic range is equipped with the patented Twin Timer feature that allows the user to program two independent time settings for any two-step process without resetting the timer. It’s perfect for tacking, pre-heating garments, two-colour applications, texturising, and more! The patented magnetic auto-open feature provides the convenience of an air powered heat press without an air compressor. This enables you to multi-task, avoiding over-application and ruined garments. These machines have magnetic-assisted lockdown, an auto-opening feature, and digital time and temperature controls offering unparalleled benefits at an excellent price. Available in four heat press styles.

Caddie_PressHotrnixClamLeftThe MAXX heat presses

The MAXX press is the most affordable and easy to use heat press. Featuring digital time and temperature readouts, these heat presses come standard with the industry’s best warranty and lifetime technical support. The wide 65° opening is 10% wider than other clam-style presses on the market. This allows for safer positioning of the garment on the lower platen and easier layout of letters, numbers, and other heat transfer products onto the garment.

Whichever level of Stahls’ heat press you choose there is also a Cap Press option allowing you to offer your customer the full service.

Must have accessories include interchangeable platens for pressing awkward shaped items and the Heat Press Caddie an adjustable pedestal stand on casters which allows the heat press to be mobile around the workshop.

For further information please contact Doro Tape on 01858 431 642 or check out the website:

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