Don’t forget – students wear workwear too!

Students from Middlesex University
Students from Middlesex University

At every new college and university intake, tens of thousands of students need to get kitted out with a wide variety of specialist workwear to suit their coursework.

Childcare, mechanics, catering, beauty, nursing, medical and hairdressing courses all require specialist garments which are often embroidered with the university or college branding. Added to the complexity of sizing up to a thousand students at one time, is the need for the final delivery to arrive for the start of the new term. It’s not surprising that this can become an extremely complicated issue for the organisations concerned.

Alexandra Workwear has produced a helpful video, taken recently at Middlesex University showing how an organised student sizing day can keep the whole process simple and stress free for all concerned.

With over 50 years experience of providing workwear and uniforms to schools, colleges and universities across Britain, Alexandra has developed a number of strategies to ensure that every student receives the correct garment for their individual course, personalised as required and fitting perfectly.

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