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YES Article ImageWhat does DTG stand for? Direct to garment of course! Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) and DTG Digital have worked hard over the past years to ensure that they always led letting others follow and yet again, with the M Series, they are the ‘leader of the pack’.

The M Series collection consists of three models, the M2, M4 and M6 and they have all been designed to bridge the gap between low volume orders and bulk quantities. These machines benefit from the original print engine designed specifically by, and for, DTG Digital machines. This is an important factor because it means that the engine has been developed for this specific purpose as opposed to others that have been adapted to fit the industry. This effectively means no compromises – it simply does the job it was designed for. In fact all DTG Digital machines now benefit from this technology. The market for direct to garment printing has grown at a rapid rate and had finally reached a position where printers wanted to increase the productivity whilst not losing the individuality offered by digital printing. DTG Digital and YES Ltd had seen this growing need for change in the market and, as they have done so many times in the past, reacted in the most positive way they could, by introducing machines that would satisfy the demand.

One of the first things you will notice with all of the M Series machines is the size. Even the baby of the bunch, the M2, is bigger than standard DTG Digital machines such as The Viper. They can still handle individual orders but, because of the expanded print area, they are primed and ready to accept bigger jobs that, in the past, may have to have been outsourced. The numerical suffix to the ‘M’ gives a clue as to the handling capacity of the machines. The M2 has a platen that can take two T shirts, the M4 four and so on. The M6 has a massive 1100mm x 980mm (expandable to 2000mm deep) print area making it capable of printing six shirts at the same time. Of course this print area can be broken down in various forms and even used as a single area allowing the printing of large format work for linen and banners for instance and by adding the optional conveyor feed attachment you can achieve continuous printing with a ‘load on’, ‘load off’ system.

The M Series machine is a remarkable development that has been produced for a reason and not to just add product to a catalogue. DTG Digital saw the need of the market and has satisfied it.

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