Direct to garment printing? Check this out!

Advanced features
Advanced features

Direct to garment printing has come a long, long way in the past few years and much of that advancement is down to two companies. DTG Digital and Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) have worked closely over the past few years to develop these machines from the ground up. Others may say the same but they were not the first. They were not the originators who sat down and said: “You know what, this industry deserves better than revamped machines. Let’s make a machine that is made for purpose.”

The latest DTG Digital direct to garment printers from YES Ltd offer unique advanced features that you simply will not find on other machines. No-one else uses iQ Interweave firmware that allows you to print at lower resolutions without the problem of banding which results in shorter print times and increased production. No-one else uses White Ink Management Systems to make sure that the ink retains the fluidity ensuring trouble free printing. And no-one else offers a range of machines that will operate in print shops from small print-on-demand outlets to mass production units where hundreds and even thousands of prints are required. That isn’t all though as these companies also offer a support system that utilizes the skills of experts around the world so that, wherever you are, you will receive the same expert back-up that they are renowned for. Add in inks from DuPont, consumables and production aids and you can see that this really is the complete package.

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