Dickies launches two new footwear lines

Phoenix boot

Two new footwear lines from Dickies will offer greater flexibility than ever before, thanks to their innovative outsole designs.

The newest additions to the company’s extensive footwear range, the Phoenix and Liberty styles are both available as a trainer or boot and feature Dickies brand-new DTc outsole. Designed to achieve the highest grip performance on smoother surfaces, the DTc sole has ergonomic flex lines and geometric tread patterns for maximum ground contact.

These styles are particularly suitable for anyone who is often required to kneel or bend, while offering a high level of comfort for those who are on their feet all day.

The midsole is made from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), which is especially lightweight and flexible. This material provides cushioning and rebound, which helps absorb shock from the ground, whilst the outer sole is moulded with the high-performance rubber for abrasion resistance and durability.

To maximise the lightweight feel of the shoes, the Phoenix and Liberty styles have a composite toe-cap (lighter than steel alternatives). Both styles are anti-static and have a breathable textile lining.

James Whitaker, marketing director, said: “The Phoenix and Liberty are the latest in a number of new footwear styles to feature new outsoles we’ve been working on, using the best compounds for the highest performance. We are investing heavily on research and development in footwear and taking full control of the design and testing process. We are testing our products above and beyond the safety regulation to ensure the protection and comfort of our customers.

“Every shipment is tested in our warehouse as a part of Dickies’ due diligence programme, and our latest SATRA slip resistance tester allows us to investigate the performance of different sole materials on various surfaces and conditions. This means we can design, develop and test products for specific working conditions, allowing end users to choose footwear that’s entirely fit for purpose.”

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