DecoNetwork 7.5 is a ‘game changer’

The release of DecoNetwork 7.5 demonstrates that it is possible to streamline an entire business through a single platform.

The software includes new designer technology, an improved user experience and the new ‘Googly’ search.

The new Business Hub management dashboards provides a real-time overview of everything that is happening in a business from sales, artwork approvals, purchasing to production, ensuring mistakes are identified before they become a costly problem.

Brenden Prazner, product marketing manager of DecoNetwork, explains further: “Screen printers know it is almost impossible to sell their screen printing services online. Consumer expectations are now met with the new colour detection capabilities of the new DecoNetwork online designer technology.

“Thanks to two years of core development in a new design processing technology, text edits, colour changes and applying special effects are immediate. Experience unsurpassed design speeds, coupled with more creativity and less clicks.”

DecoNetwork 7.5 also includes live integration with business and accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and Sage.

Another feature of DecoNetwork 7.5 is the Template Builder. “Empowering a consumer to be creative is critical to printers and embroiderers. Nothing is more creative than allowing a consumer to personalise a stunning template for their own use. The DecoNetwork Template Builder is a powerful online design tool for decorators to create customisable templates for their customers to personalise on their front-end website,” says Mr Prazner.

Other features include clear intuitive menus, logical structured pages and settings, and the new innovative search tool called DecoNetwork Search, otherwise known as the Googly search.

“From a single search field you can locate your products, customers, orders, and more, plus gain instant access to any DecoNetwork setting page, help file or video. This dramatic improvement quite literally eliminates hours of searching and the need to understand every menu and setting page of DecoNetwork. It’s a game changer.”

DecoNetwork 7.5 is available from Monday, January 9.

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