Dalesway Print Technology celebrates 20 years in business

Vastex V-1000-66 manual screen printing press
Vastex V-1000-66 manual screen printing press

Lancashire-based Dalesway Print Technology celebrates 20 years of supplying some of the very best brands of equipment across several industry sectors: hot foil printing, pad printing and screen printing.

The start of 2015 saw the launch of the company’s online shop featuring top quality European manufactured emulsions and supplies by Prodecran in France and inks by Lancer from Canada. The Lancer brand is synonymous with exceptional safety standards, which was Dalesway’s key reason for selecting the range. In addition to Excalibur Plastisol inks, the Lancer range features Evolution, a PVC-free ink that works just like Plastisol. Printers therefore gain a multitude of advantages over using water-based inks, which incidentally, Lancer also manufactures so there is no axe to grind there. The PVC-free inks are simply superior on many levels and have been approved for use by big brands like Nike who set very stringent safety standards. Evolution also complies with Oeko-Tex safety standards.

The online shop has been rebranded as ZooPrint and is taking a much more light-hearted approach to the everyday essentials that screen printers in particular require. With the new approach Dalesway is hoping to bring a little humour to the boring business of ordering supplies.

On the machinery front, those looking to get into screen printing for the first time on a restricted budget will be pleased to know that the entry-level offering from Vastex has just got even better. The V1000 may be an entry level press, but it features all-heads-down printing, rubber coated steel pallets, and a unique floating head design with tool-free micro registration and six-way head levelling, delivering multi-colour registration accuracy previously limited to machines of significantly higher cost.

The V1000 is modular and can grow with your business up to six colours and six stations, so there is no longer any need to throw money away on low-end equipment at start-up. As standard, the V-1000-66 holds screens of up to 50×70 cm and comes with a three-year warranty.

For more information call 0845 224 1204, email info@dalesway.co.uk, visit www.dalesway.co.uk or www.zooprint.co.uk

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