Daiber supports retailers in target group oriented customer approach

The selection of flyers

Gustav Daiber has introduced printed target group flyers to retailers, which feature product recommendations for corporate fashion from the brands James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach that are suitable for different fields of application.

With the full service campaign, which also includes editable newsletter templates for the specific industry, the family company supports retailers in contacting customers according to specific target groups.

There will are around 10 flyers for different application areas, including ones for the sectors medical, logistics and delivery, towns and communities, trade, office, working from home and education.

Mario Besenfelder, head of sales (field service) at Daiber, said: “With this new service campaign, we would like to simplify the target group-specific customer approach for our retailers and provide a useful tool that supports them in the appropriate product selection. We are pleased to offer added value and to further strengthen individual business relations.”

Each flyer presents about 20 products of the corporate fashion line by James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach, which are designed to meet the different requirements of the sectors and application areas. Each flyer is structured in a similar way: all the advantages can be identified at a glance right at the start, for example the high durability of the materials, the use of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester or the wide range of available colours and sizes. This is followed by recommendations for individual finishing, suitable for the respective industry.

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