Daiber launches a new marketing service

Gustav Daiber has made a new media cloud available to its dealers.

With this cloud, extensive image and information material on the products of James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach is available, clearly arranged, in one place. A central function is sharing current product and lifestyle pictures, which Daiber updates continuously.

The new media cloud allows dealers and also their service providers and customers to easily register independently and download the requested files, since no sensitive data is provided.

Among the new functions are the clearly arranged administration of the downloaded files via one’s own dashboard as well as sharing customer-specific picture galleries in the form of shopping baskets by the dealer.

Image files exist with high resolution, in a compressed version and as isolated images.

The new service makes data transfer between Daiber, its dealers and their target groups much easier and faster with the data really being current.

Tobias Seidel, head of marketing and business development at Daiber, said: “We attach particular importance to taking work off our dealers’ hands. In the future, they will no longer have to maintain and provide their own image databases – instead, from now on our dealers will be able to share their project-specific selections with their customers with a click.”

Among the new functions of the media cloud is, besides the extended single search function, a new multiple search function with the option to filter the search for several search terms at the same time. With both search functions, users can differentiate according to media and products. Whereas the search function for media leads to the display and downloading option of image and video files, the search for products goes one step further. It shows additional information such as the product description, technical details on colours, features and material as well as linked image and video files of the requested product.

With the multiple search function, both via a manual entry and an imported excel list, dealers can search for several files at the same time.

This is much more user-friendly than the previous version and provides the opportunity for dealers, service providers and other partners always to work with the latest data.

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