Cutting-edge digital printing

DTG Digital QM8

Your Embroidery Services (YES) direct to garment printing technology has become more sophisticated and flexible than ever before.

With the competitively priced DTG Digital QM8 high-speed industrial printer subjugating the wide format printing market and the new DTG G4 delivering incredibly high-speed T shirt prints, this new breed of digital equipment has become a force to be reckoned with.

The DTG QM8 printer is capable of working with complex designs, multiple platen variations, cut piece for interior design and a multitude of home textile applications, but its true sweet spot is its ability to print full hide-leather and lengths of fabric, making it a fashion houses dream printing solution.

The DTG G4, on the other hand, is suitable for smaller web to print and ecommerce businesses that are looking for a fast, simple and reliable direct to garment printer. The G4 is perfect for entry-level T shirt printers through to experienced users. Quick and simple installation is a major advantage of this machine. Its simple to use intuitive touch 7in display panel means that any operator will be using the unit within minutes after set-up, so that you can concentrate on increased profits whilst the intuitive machine pays attention to increased production.

Also new to the DTG Digital stable is DTG M-Series IOS. This new technology, which uses the background colour of the garment as an ink to deliver a vibrant, life-like representation of the original image, reduces the cost of print by up to 30% generating tremendous ink cost savings year-on-year.

From the celebrated M-Series all the way through to the astonishing QM8 – whatever your business needs, we have the solution.

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