Custom embroidery ordered on your website

pic 1Long gone are the days when a company website was merely a static advertisement existing somewhere out in the cyber wilderness, displaying a few images of products, a little bit of company history and a contact page.

Today, a functional and empowered website is a key strategic asset, enabling a business to engage and transact with their customers, providing an in-store experience online in real time.

Wilcom International, the pioneer company in the field of computerised embroidery design software, now offers small, medium and large businesses which sell decorated garment services the ability to add exciting, business generating embroidery capabilities to their website.

Many businesses offer decorated garment services to their customers. For example online uniform suppliers will allow you to add a corporate logo or a team member name to a garment. However the customer has no opportunity to customise or edit the design and view it accurately scaled on the chosen garment, and the back end order processing and manufacturing tasks are often handled manually offline.

Wilcom now makes this possible online by providing web access to embroidery design and manufacturing functions previously only available in a desktop software program. This is achieved using API (Application Programming Interface) technology, in Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API toolkit.

The Web API exposes selected capabilities of Wilcom’s advanced Embroidery Studio digitising software to enable a web developer to:

  • Visualise an existing embroidery design on a garment, scaled accurately to the real embroidery size and select the colourway of the design to match the garment style.
  • Preview an uploaded bitmap or vector logo artwork and view on a garment prior to digitising the design
  • Create custom lettering where the customer enters the text and chooses font, height and colour from the options you offer.
  • Add custom lettering to stock designs which can be chosen from an online catalogue.
  • Generate team names and size categorisation for multiple garment purchases.
  • Preview images and designs including design information such as number of stitches, colours, and design size for manufacturing purposes.
  • Output embroidery design data file formats for production.

Wilcom provides extensive technical documentation and concept applications for your web developer to review online via the Wilcom API Developer Portal.

Enabling your website with these powerful functions not only allows automation of manual tasks but greatly increases the likelihood of securing the customer order.

Rob Smith, VP Wilcom Europe sales and API specialist, says: “It’s a known fact that if customers can see a personalised online preview of what they are purchasing there is a much greater likelihood of them completing the transaction. Up to 60% of online inquiries for garment decoration services do not complete for this reason.”

Create custom embroidery text on your website

  • Preview the embroidery simulation on the garments to get the order.
  • Send the stitch data to production with the order.

Convert customer graphic logo to embroidery on your website

  • Get a real stitch count for pricing.
  • Preview the embroidery simulation on the garments to get the order.
  • Send the stitch data to design department with the order.

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