Cubbies launches new Signature line for 2016

Harlequin Bunny
Harlequin Bunny

It’s fair to say what Cubbies has achieved in the last two years has been remarkable. Sold in over 16 countries by a network of exclusive distributors, Cubbies was the first company in Europe to manufacture and launch an easy to embroider range of stuffed animals.

With over 60 designs available to order today, every design can be individually personalised to your customer’s own requirements on a single needle or multi needle embroidery machine.

Lee White started the Cubbies brand in Canada in 2010. He achieved great success in the Canadian market with his unique eye for design and his close attention to detail and fabric quality. In 2012 he came home to England and based his new business in Lancashire.

When Lee was asked why he came back to England he said: “I knew Cubbies had a lot of growth potential as there was no real competition in this country. I never had to worry what the big guys were doing because my products are so unique. Having worked with so many new start-ups over the last few years, it’s been really satisfying to see so many of them grow into established, profitable and independent businesses selling my products.”

Cubbies will never be an off the shelf item. With so many designs and colours available, each Cubby can be embroidered in a million different ways to suit any age, occasion or event. Having seen the brand grow dramatically over the last 18 months, Lee believes the more design and creativity that’s put into the embroidery, the more successful the seller will become.

Star-Flower the Unicorn
Star-Flower the Unicorn

Lee is also excited to announce the launch of the new Signature line for early 2016. He has been working on this range for almost a year in conjunction with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and these new designs will display the fun and iconic characteristics of Cubbies new logo. The Signature line is in addition to Cubbies’ current lines which include the Classic, Pastel and Harlequin ranges. However the Signature line will slowly become the face of the company.

Cubbies will also be expanding on its popular Dumble and Snuggle blanket collection. Dumbles will now be available in eight colour choices as well as the addition of a new woolly mammoth to the range. Due to popular demand, Cubbies will also be introducing a full range of Oeko-Tex 100 certified Snuggle blankets to its Pastel range.

To see all these new products, Cubbies will be returning to Printwear & Promotion LIVE! in February.

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