Craft and hobby screen printing press introduced by Vastex

The CraftPrinter Model V-10 screen printing press

Vastex has introduced an all-new, low-cost CraftPrinter Model V-10 screen printing press for one-colour garments, promotional items, signage or other flat products.

It accepts screens up to 58×78 cm and incorporates registration features typically unavailable on low-cost tabletop presses including all-steel construction, a no-warp steel pallet, floating head, 3-point bearing lock, and screen off-contact and leveling adjustments.

The compact unit measures 35.9×72.4cm and weighs 11.4 kg, making it portable.

Options include a neck guide and rubber top for the included pallet, and a variety of specialised pallets for sleeves, youth-size garments, oversized garments, face masks, small signs, insulated can holders and other promotional items.

For higher production and/or multi-colour capability, the interchangeable print head, pallets and wheel lock assembly of the one-station/one-colour V-10 press can be transferred to the rotary frame of the company’s V-100 model to build a two-, three- or four-colour press at reduced cost when needs increase.

Covered by a one-year warranty, the CraftPrinter press is shippable via UPS and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Other Vastex equipment performance-matched to the CraftPrinter press includes an E-100 Tabletop Screen Exposer, a D-100 conveyor dryer and a DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet, which can also serve as a stand for the V-10 press and other tabletop equipment.

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