Cottonridge opens retail website to meet growing public demand

Cottonridge has launched a retail website to supply Cottonridge garments to the public.

This website has been deemed a necessity because of the large number of members of the public trying to open an account on the Cottonridge trade website just to buy a single garment for their own personal use.

The company says this is a nice problem to have and believes the situation has arisen because of the quality of the Cottonridge range.

The company understand that members of the public sees garments that have been supplied by a customer for a club or a university and because they like the quality they check the label, search online for Cottonridge and come across the trade website. Members of the public then try to open an account at which point Cottonridge has to turn them down.

Now Cottonridge can redirect these customers towards the retail site where they have to pay retail prices.

Most new enquiries that Cottonridge receives from printshops are generated by a recommendation, usually by someone wanting hoodies for a team, proving the desirability of the brand.

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