A cost-effective, no-weeding solution

Ghost is a cost-effective no-weeding solution for white printing and toner transfer which is based on the conversion of a standard CMYK laser printer into a white printer by replacing the black toner cartridge by a Ghost White Toner cartridge.

This approach to white printing has the advantage that it does not require any special software and that printing in colour and black is still possible, as the black cartridge can be re-installed at any time.

The white-toner-to-garment transfer is carried out in a heat transfer process implementing a self-weeding two-paper system with a so-called A foil and B paper.

The A foil is used to print and transfer the design, the B paper is coated with an adhesive for permanently applying the print to the garment. After having printed a mirror-image of the design onto the A foil, it is pressed together with the B paper for 90 seconds at a temperature of 130-160°C and must be separated immediately after pressing. The B paper is coated with an adhesive which, upon peeling, will be transferred only to the toner on the A foil.

This self-weeding technology ensures that no residue will be left in the unprinted areas and that no unwanted background will be shown on the final product. When applying the design to the garment in another pressing step, time, temperature and pressure vary depending on the material. In order to ensure a proper transfer, the A foil must not be peeled off before it has completely cooled down. A matte finish, durability and washing resistance of the print can be achieved by carrying out a last pressing step with finishing paper for a couple of seconds.

Ghost provides its customers with a detailed manual containing all the information about printer settings and transfer parameters in order to ensure the best printing and transfer results possible.

Vibrant prints and a soft feel

Ghost White Toner creates prints with vibrant colours and a soft feel which do not crackle easily and have a durability and washing resistance comparable to screen printing. The self-weeding technology enables users to effortlessly transfer very detailed designs. The two-paper transfer method is suitable to transfer white prints to all kinds of colored and dark garments as well as to other soft materials. However, Ghost White Toner can also be transferred to a great variety of other materials. There is no special coating or pre-treatment required. For toner-transfer to, for example, glass and ceramics a self-weeding one-paper system is implemented with scratch resistant and dishwasher safe prints as a result.

Among customers, Ghost is appreciated as a highly suitable tool for small-scale productions of personalised products and gifts. This white printing solution with its huge range of applications is designed to serve as an interesting alternative or complement to other white printing solutions or printing techniques such as screen printing, vinyl cut or sublimation for both professional and non-professional garment and product designers.


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