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3087 Womans Slim Fit V-Neck T
3087 Womens Slim Fit V-Neck T

Promodoro is a brand that has carved out a niche for itself for 26 years in all key markets associated with promotion wear, corporate fashion and merchandising. Its premium collection comprises six categories and includes a total of 110 products in 52 colours, making Promodoro one of the most successful German brands in its chosen sector.

Quality is the trademark

A contemporary look, outstanding materials and the very best workmanship – these are all combined at Promodoro. Promodoro conducts extensive tests at all stages to ensure you will enjoy the products for a very long time.

You can be sure

Promodoro works with manufacturers which are certified in numerous fields along the production chain. The individual certificates cover a wide range of accreditations like social standards, sustainability and conservation of the environment, the material or the respective production process. In addition, standards and monitoring processes are set for all covered areas.

Great fitting clothes for everyone – Promodoro serves all customers

No two bodies are the same. This is why 35 items of Promodoro are available up to size 5XL for men and 3XL for women – for all those, who need a little more room.

Partner look – together you are stronger 

At Promodoro a stylish appearance has twice the impact when men and women opt for a partner look. This is why Promodoro offers 28 items that fit perfectly into both his and her busy life.

Label free – no label but still a Promodoro product

Create your own brand with 17 items available label free. The small Promodoro tomato in the label ensures you have a certified Promodoro garment in your hands.

Promodoro is highly suitable for DTG 

Promodoro uses combed and only combed cotton which means: great absorption, smooth surface, less hairiness and superior appearance and touch.

Promodoro’s Premium T range consist of men’s Ts in different cuts as well as a women’s and a kid’s T. They are highly suitable for DTG and made of 100 % combed cotton, 180 gsm, 24/1 yarn. Promodoro quality is recognised by all experts as a perfect garment for DTG. The washing performance in terms of shrinkage and also the impact on the durability of the garment is excellent. The brightness saturation on white is brilliant and the deep black generates a perfect contrast.

3051 Womens Rib V-Neck T
3051 Womens Rib V-Neck T

Do your own jacket – create your own identity look

A 4in1 jacket concept designed for more flexibility. A unique concept that will allow you to stand out from your competition. You can offer flexibility to your customers, let him build the jacket that meets his requirements in terms of performance and matches with their corporate identity.

Easy ordering

Directly from Germany, you will receive your order within approximately two days. Orders over £150 are free of freight charges. The webshop shows stock, item specifications and a lot of extra tools for making your daily work easier.

Full support for your campaign

For any needs, Promodoro has the right solution for you. Promodoro is here to help.

For more information call 00800 9090 0800, email or visit

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