Contour Cut – Laser cutting dye sublimation printed fabrics and textiles

fb1800 contourcut7Contour Cut automates the process of cutting printed fabric quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions or stretches that may occur in unstable rolls of textile.

State-of-the-art camera recognition is used to pinpoint registration marks that are printed onto your material, the marks are accurately read by GS UK’s laser allowing intelligent analysis software to compensate for any deformations in the fabric.

When the laser cut pieces exit the machine, they are the perfect size and shape every time. As laser cutting is non-contact there is no drag on the material and no blades to change. High speed loop servo motors ensure precise camera mapping and accurate cut lines with minimal user interaction. Material is automatically unrolled and transported onto the vacuumed cutting bed using our next generation conveyor system. You simply collect the pieces as they exit the machine, this gives Contour Cut a major advantage over traditional fabric cutting methods.

Sublimation printing onto large format textiles is now very popular for producing an array of products including sportswear, flags and banners etc. Due to technological advances these printers are becoming faster and more cost effective every day – the only issue remaining in the industry is how to cut out the printed parts quickly and effectively. Manual cutting is too slow, inconsistent and labour intensive, whereas cutting with a knife can cause drag on textiles.

Contour Cut’s distortion recognition system makes it ideal for cutting any type of material at high speed. In addition, once cut, synthetic textiles gain a sealed edge meaning that they will not fray.

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