Consumables are the life blood

The ultimate one-stop shop
The ultimate one-stop shop

Often overlooked, consumables are the life blood of any printing company and Pyramid not only understands that, but actively works on solutions to make its customers’ production run more efficiently and help improve their prints.

It is with this in mind that Pyramid is excited to launch a number of new products.

The first is a new emulsion. The key to any good print is the emulsion. After extensive testing Pyramid is proud to launch the next generation of discharge resistant emulsions.

This new product exclusive to Pyramid in the UK and Ireland is the Pyramid PWD (plastisol, water-based, discharge) which is already being used by some of the largest garment printers.

Unlike most discharge emulsions, not only does this emulsion wash out very easily, but the reclaiming process is as fast as a normal emulsion. With no need for post hardening this product has produced thousands of prints without breaking down during the extensive testing process.

Naturally, given that Pyramid is the ultimate one-stop shop in the industry, it makes sense to partner the emulsion with the best in class discharge ink.

With end customers demanding the whitest prints with the softest feel, the new Pyramid super soft discharge white offers just that.

This product is not only being used by a number of customers, but is being specified by some of the end users who like the ultra-soft feel this product gives to their prints.

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