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Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been around for quite a few years now – over 20 in fact. In that time the company has built a reputation for its service and support as well as its expertise in the development and supply of new machines and techniques. Because of this many associate them only with capital equipment but this company is much more than that.

YES Ltd is also one of the leading suppliers for consumables and ancillary equipment for both the embroidery and direct to garment printing markets. It has taken this added route because all who work within its walls believe that it is their responsibility not just to supply a machine but also to offer the goods that make it work to its optimum. Of course the easy and quick way to look at the company’s catalogue is to visit but there you will only see a list of products. What the team wants to do here is put some explanation to why some of the products are included.

Embroidering caps is a breeze with an SWF machine
Embroidering caps is a breeze with an SWF machine


The company has been involved with this market since its inception over 20 years ago. In fact the expertise goes much further back than that with its managing director, Roy Burton, being involved in embroidery in one way or another for nearly 50 years.

After concentrating on machinery for a few years the consumable side of the business started to take shape and each product that was sourced was chosen or developed for its benefit to the production program or the final quality of the embroidery. Interlining is a good example. Many companies at that time simply made use of a pre-existing non-woven interlining that was used in the manufacturing of garments. While this worked it did not augment best practice methods thereby optimising the production capacity of the machine. With this in mind YES Ltd directly approached an interlinings manufacturer (not just a supplier) and worked closely with them in developing a backing specifically aimed at embroidery. As far as it is known this was the first time this had been done and the result was amazing.

The new backing was not only superior for embroidery but it was more cost effective resulting in reduced costs. Since that time it would be fair to say that other companies have followed suit but that has been a common factor over the years. Where YES Ltd goes others follow.

This example can be repeated for just about, every other consumable product in its embroidery catalogue giving the buyer the confidence that they will gain maximum benefit and production from their machine. It would be quite easy to list what YES Ltd offers but, as mentioned earlier, you can see that on the company’s website. It is far more important to know the facts behind why products are chosen.

DTG Digital’s M3
DTG Digital’s M3

Direct to garment printing

As with embroidery the company’s experience with this technique is second to none having been involved with it since it first appeared in the market.

The process itself has changed a lot during those years, thankfully for the better. Gone are the days of problems printing and curing inks with today’s machines generating vibrant durable prints time after time. Much of the improvements seen over those years though is down to this company and its allies such as DTG Digital.

The work they have done has resulted in driving the industry forward generating a more competitive and improved market. Much of the work undertaken was based around the machines and the firmware used to drive them but YES Ltd also dedicated enormous amounts of time to the consumable side. Because of this pre-treats, inks, presses etc. have reached a quality that enables them to work perfectly with the machines giving the user confidence in what they are producing. Inks are a really good example here.

YES Ltd does not manufacture inks. Apart from enormous investment this process requires expertise outside of the company’s remit so it simply went to one of the biggest ink manufacturers in the world, DuPont, and enlisted its help. The result is ink that offers the best prints possible not only in quality but also in durability. It credits the company’s reputation of course that a company such as DuPont is keen to work with YES Ltd and maybe that is why YES Ltd is the biggest supplier of DuPont inks in the Europe.

This story about ink can be repeated for all of the other ancillary products supplied by YES Ltd. All have been chosen for the best of reasons – quality and productivity.

It would have been quite easy to have simply listed all of the consumable products sold by YES Ltd but would that offer maximum benefit to the reader? Whether you are involved in embroidery or direct to garment printing you will have a good idea of what consumables are available from a supplier. Surely it is more beneficial to know and understand the care that was used in developing and sourcing these products. At least that way you know they will work and that you will get the best out of your machines.

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