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Poly Fire thread is fire retardant
Poly Fire thread is fire retardant

GS UK has supplied the UK textile industry with machinery and consumables for over 25 years. Initially the company’s product range focused on embroidery related machinery and supplies, however that was expanded when GS became UK distributors of the Brother GT range of direct to garment printers. To date the company now has two webshops, for embroidery related products and their recently launched www.brothergtinks, which as the name would indicate caters for all Brother direct to garment printing machinery and consumables.

Alongside the printers, pre-treatment machines and heat presses are a full range of Brother GT inks, platens, maintenance kits etc. Just about everything you would need for the older Brother GT541 and GT782 printers as well as the latest Brother GT Series. The Brother GT inks are water-based, eco-friendly inks developed especially for printing on garments. They are specifically formulated to be used with the Brother industrial print heads to provide bright, long-lasting prints.

A new addition to the embroidery consumables webshop is a full range of Poly Fire thread. This is a fire retardant embroidery thread for use on fire retardant clothing. Poly Fire thread has a special coating applied to the polyester fibre during the spinning process which prevents the thread from catching fire easily. Neither the embroidery process nor wearing or washing will reduce the flame-resistant property of Poly Fire. Available in 1000m mini king cones and 27 colours Poly Fire should also be used as the bobbin thread, it is ideal for embroideries on lab coats, seats in airplanes, car mats, curtains and other textiles that have to meet the requirements of flame-protection.

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