The complete embroidery package

Fu Fu’s thread
Fu Fu’s thread

If you are looking for the complete embroidery package including machinery, software, designs and consumables then your search is over.

For machinery you can choose from the full range of single and multi-head models from SWF or, if it is a smaller compact machine you are after then check out the Ricoma range. Both of these manufacturers work closely with YES Ltd to ensure that they develop machinery best suited to the UK and European markets. For something really special, and unique, you need to look at the SWF Dual Function machines. These are capable of embroidering two different products and/or patterns at the same time making them the most productive machines on the market. Y

Apart from machines the YES Ltd catalogue includes all of the key elements needed for a successful embroidery business such as Fu Fu’s threads, backings specifically developed for embroidery, needles and felts plus an array of devices, such as the FF1 Flexible Framer, to make life easy.

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