Comfortable sports clothing


Kids’ fitness is now a vital part of the school curriculum, making comfortable clothing essential. Tombo’s range of kids’ fitness clothing is comfortable yet easy to move, jump and run in.

Tombo’s range consists of the TL69B Open Hem Training Pants available in navy with white piping and in black with white piping from ages 5/6 to 11/13 years. Featuring an elasticated waist and open hem for ultimate movement. Another option is the TL47B Cuffed Training Pant available in a solid navy and black with no piping and cuffed hems from ages 5/6 to 11/13 years. The cuffed hems are a good option when playing or taking part in outdoor gym classes as the cuffed hem acts as a barrier for the wind keeping cold air out.

For those after school clubs we have designed a short the TL80B 100% polyester microfibre. Featuring an elasticated waist and in colours navy, black and red from ages 5/6-11/13 years.

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