Come and see the latest DTG tech in action!

Adelco has just had the latest technology from Kornit, the Avalanche HD6 direct to garment printer installed into its showroom. Based in Hampshire (50 miles south of London). The team would love to show you the quality and speed and let you see for yourself the exceptional return on investment and print costs that this solution provides. With the built in pre-treater, ink recirculation and humidity systems the Avalanche HD6 can produce up to 85 dark garments and 106 light garments per hour.

Adelco also has the twin burner – split belt Adelco Pro Cure conveyor dryer in our showroom, two belts with individual temperatures. Featuring new vacuum hold down, giving a better cure for smaller cut pieces and increased airflow penetration leading to faster curing times. Insulated walls and unique built in hood extraction for a cleaner working environment. Maintenance can be done during operation. The Pro Cure is the highest spec and most economical conveyor dryer on the market today.

To complement Kornit and Adelco dryers, Adelco has the Thermotron FX23 folding machine to finish the production line. This fantastic concept, uses only one operator to fold a variety of garments, it can fold and stack up to 3,500 per eight hour shift. Well worth a visit.

Beat the madness of Black Friday and Christmas, chat with Adelco’s friendly team, about how its products can fit in with your business.

Adelco’s non-pressure environment is an open opportunity for both new and existing customers to print hands on and get a feel for the systems.

Bring along your own garments, print files and the team can even calculate the print costs for you.

Call Adelco on: 01420 488388 or email The team would love to hear from you.

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