A combination of speed and quality

M-Link X
M-Link X

M-Link and M-Link X offer exceptional value, and M-Link X’s combination of speed and quality makes it superior to direct-to-garment digital printers costing more than three times as much. And they’re fast. M-Link prints white shirts in 45 to 60 seconds and dark shirts in two-and-one-half to three minutes. M-Link X is even faster, printing white shirts in an amazing 30 to 45 seconds and dark shirts in less than a minute.

The phenomenal image quality is made possible by M&R’s exclusive Absolute Position Technology (APT), high-speed industrial printheads, DuPont Artistri BRITE inks, and M&R’s proprietary i-Color RIP Software with its numerous print modes for white, colours, and black. With colour profiles designed specifically for Artistri BRITE inks, i-Color RIP quickly converts digital art files into printed images with maximum sharpness, superior shading and tonal gradations, outstanding colour accuracy, life-like skin tone representation, and minimal print time, enabling operators to turn out amazingly sharp text and line art with remarkable blending and photographic transitions.

Bulk ink supply, white-ink recirculation, and optimised print modes that minimise underbase and unnecessary ink use give M-Links the lowest ink cost per print among direct to garment printers. M-Links even feature an ink-cost calculator to estimate ink costs prior to printing.

EZPrep is designed to maximise print consistency, minimise overspray, and eliminate guesswork from the pretreatment process. Its consistent application of pretreatment solution can reduce overall consumption, speed up production, decrease costs, and help produce the most accurate and vibrant images possible.

M&R’s UK agent is Dave Roper.


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