Colours, fabrics and fit matter when it comes to industrial workwear

H475 Coolplus polo shirt
H475 Coolplus polo shirt

The Henbury 2015 collection is the ultimate in high quality, co-ordinated corporate and promotional wear. Within the Henbury range, there are a number of garments that are durable and practical, ideal for use in the manual workwear sector. The influences of technology are playing an ever-increasing role in the design and developments of styles for the workwear market. Even in the industrial sector colours, fabrics and fit are now far more important to the buyer as well as the end user.

Henbury’s range of industrial workwear suitable polos are made from smart thinking fabrics that perform and do the work for you. The Henbury range of technical polos are made from Coolplus smart fabrics that perform. Coolplus allow moisture to be absorbed from the skin and transported to the fabrics surface where it quickly evaporates keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. The moisture management on these polos make them the perfect option when considering uniform for the manual sector.

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