Coloreel closes new deal of first US multi-head units with Hirsch Solutions

The Coloreel unit

Coloreel has announced the sale of the first multi-head in the United States to Hirsch Solutions, the world’s largest distributor of embroidery machines.

The six units will be placed over a Tajima TMEZ six-head embroidery machine for one of Hirsch’s innovative customers based in California.

Sven Öquist, VP sales at Coloreel Group, said: “Our partnership with Hirsch provides Coloreel with the ultimate reach into the US embroidery market and this order of a six multi-head unit is another great step on our growth journey in US. The installation will enable our customer to meet the fast-rising demand for our more environmentally friendly and creative embroideries. I am looking forward to many more units sold through our partnership with Hirsch.”

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