Permaset unveils new colour matches and new initiatives

In the age of the eco-conscious consumer screen printers are increasingly being asked for organic T shirts, promotional materials and merchandise printed with the most environmentally friendly products and processes available.

This image reflects the eco-friendly nature of Permaset

Australian-made Permaset water-based inks are increasingly becoming the go-to ink of choice for this movement.  Its Permatone colour-matching set of inks is one of the few ink ranges who have been granted approval by the Soil Association of the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for non-organic chemical inputs used in Certified Organic Textile Processing.

As such, these Permatone inks are excellent for printing organically including T shirts, infants clothing, intimate apparel, swimwear as well as yardage, apparel or homewares coming into contact with delicate skin.

Organic Permatone range can now match over 1,896 colours

Permaset’s Permatone range is a water-based colour management set of inks designed for colour matching. These inks are 100% solvent free, containing no CFCs HCFCs. They are also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons and do not contain PVC resin or phthalate plasticiser. In addition to of all this, they are formulated to deliver really pure vibrant colour, an exceptionally soft handle and excellent durability.

The Permatone system of 12 core products can now produce 1,896 colours making the range perfect for printing corporate colours organically.

Permaset reductions

This example shows a range of shades achievable using Permaset’s Green B

Permaset inks are highly pigmented, which means all colours are extremely rich and intense. Permaset is committed to educating the market on how to obtain better value from their inks by reducing the colours to achieve tints through mixing them with Permaset Print Paste.

Screen printers can create a whole range of shades through this reduction process.
For more information on making Permaset reductions visit Permaset’s website which explains the process, shows examples of tints achievable plus a YouTube video illustrating how to make Permaset reductions

Australian-made Permaset’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint

Permaset inks are available globally through distributors and resellers from Reykjavik in Iceland to Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. Permaset is particularly popular in those countries concerned with climate change and the environment.

The eco-friendly inks are manufactured in Australia by boutique coatings manufacturer, Colormaker Industries, under strictly controlled conditions where all paper, water and wastes are recycled and power is sourced from renewable energy resources. Colormaker is committed to improving its environmental footprint and is in the process of converting their entire factory complex roof to self-generated solar power.

The Permaset Aqua Process Colours (Process Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and Black) are also approved by the Soil Association of the UK and are excellent for screen printing four-colour projects like this example below showing the four different colour layers.

Permaset’s Supercover new colour card

New Permaset colour cards now available

The Permaset marketing team has recently developing an outstanding set of A4 colour cards for each of the Permaset ink ranges.

There is a hand printed tri-fold version with colour chips each screen printed with the actual ink colours which may be purchased, plus offset printed versions available for each of the Permaset Standard, Permaset Supercover, Permatone and Permaprint Premium ink ranges.

The front of the Colour Cards feature the colours available with technical information on the reverse side.

Steve Wood Services is the UK trade distributor for Permaset inks.

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